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My first impression when I saw the play area at Yamble Reserve for the first time was… WOW! The first thing that struck me was the layout of the park and the different themed play zones. The playground is a hidden gem for kids and most interesting park in Sydney.

Livvi's Place Yamble Reserve

Livvi’s Place Yamble Reserve

Livvi’s place Yamble Reserve

Livvi’s place is a lovely inclusive playground at Yamble Reserve for kids of all abilities. It is fairly brand new and was only built in 2013. The park was built as part of a project between the Touched By Olivia Foundation playgrounds (local community group with the focus of creating playgrounds for children of all abilities) and Ryde Council. It is one of the Livvi’s Place. If you’ve been to Blaxland Riverside Park at the Olympic Park, its a miniature version of it. This playground certainly has been designed for children of all abilities with the idea of helping those with or without disabilities to play together. The playground is even fully fenced which is great for those kids that like to wander.

Fully Fenced Livvi's place Yamble Reserve, Ryde

Fully Fenced Livvi’s place Yamble Reserve, Ryde

Park Features and Amenities

The playground includes so many features including a large climbing rope pyramid, swing style Hammock (which my girls absolutely loved), large sandpit, tunnel to play in, double long flying fox where one line is for those who are confident and the other line has a child seat that  is fitted with a safety harness for those who may need to be fastened in because of the child’s age, fear or disability.

Climbing Rope Pyramid at Livvi's place Yamble Reserve

Climbing Rope Pyramid at Livvi’s place Yamble Reserve


Sandpit at Livvi's Play Area

Sandpit at Livvi’s Play Area

Yamble Reserve has a huge grass area with perfect lawns so its ideal for picnics and group games like volleyball, badminton etc. There are a few picnic tables and two BBQs. If you are lucky and go early you can grab the BBQ that’s right inside the fenced playground area. The other BBQ is in the grassed area of Yamble Reserve.

Livvi's Play Area Yamble Reserve

Livvi’s Play Area Yamble Reserve

Towards the quieter end of the playground there is a spiral path and seating and some very beautiful features of pole artworks and beautiful stone sculptures of various different animals including frogs, possums, etc. It just looks beautiful and worth seeing the artwork.

Beautiful Pole Artworks and Stone Sculptures

Beautiful Pole Artworks and Stone Sculptures

There are bubblers within the playground which is fantastic for those really hot days.

Within Yamble Reserve you will find paths suitable for walking and cycling. Within Livvi’s play area there is a nice bike track that runs around the park in a figure 8. This is perfect for kids that want to ride their bikes or scooters.

Nice pathway for bikes and scooters

Nice pathway for bikes and scooters

The toilets are located just outside the playground.

There is plenty of shady areas from trees and shade cloths that cover the play area however, because the playground is so big, there are still many areas in full sun.

If you see from the photos you will notice that areas of the playground has brightly coloured rubber turf that makes the playground look even more attractive and exciting. These vibrant colours help people with vision impairments and guides people to safe areas and helps to let the child know where to go next.

Yamble Reserve

Yamble Reserve


There is a large car park off Quarry Road and a bus stop nearby. I’ve always found the car park to be full when I’ve been however, you can easily park your car on Small’s road (opposite Yamble Reserve or one of the side streets off Smalls road).

Have you visited Yamble Reserve? What are your thoughts about the playground? Would you go again?

How to get here

Address: Quarry Road, Ryde