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Kiama's Famous Blowhole

Kiama’s Famous Blowhole

If you think that the only thing to see in a Kiama is the blowhole, then you couldn’t be more wrong. It is one of the leading tourist destinations in the Illawarra region and is known for its natural attractions with its coastal beauty drawing tens of thousands of visitors each year. It is visited as a holiday destination or also day trips.

It is located in the South Coast of NSW (home to some of the most pristine beaches in the country) and it’s only 1 and a half hours drive south of Sydney. You will pass through the Grand Pacific Drive which is kilometres of lush green landscape, with beautiful views of never-ending coastline.

In Kiama there are beaches to explore where you can go fishing, surfing and diving.

There are some wonderful dining options  with the many sidewalk cafes, restaurant, pubs and clubs. If shopping is your thing then there are lots of fashionable boutiques so you can spend the day shopping if you wanted to.

Also Kiama’s famous white lighthouse stands as an icon for tourists coming here. It can be seen from far off coastal towns like Bombo beach.

Are you planning a trip to Kiama? Then we recommend these top 11 things you can visit that are so worth seeing. All these attractions include fantastic scenery and extraordinary landscapes.

11 things to do in Kiama with Kids

11. Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Whale Watching

When the Whale migration season is underway whales can be spotted on our coast for the next 6 months or so and can attract more tourists to the Kiama region with the whales heading north for warmer waters to give birth.

At the height of the season up to 400 whales will pass by in a 24 hour period, providing an amazing sight for whale watches.

The 5 best Whale Watching spots in Kiama

Kiama Tourism recommends the following 5 vantage points with the best whale watching views. These include:

1. Blowhole Point

2. Bombo Headland

3. Marsden Headland (just past the Little Blowhole)

4. The whale watching platform in Gerringong (located near the cemetery on Belinda Street)

5. Black Head Reserve at Gerroa.

10. Beaches

Beach views

Beach views

There are quite a few nice little beaches and they have nice clean sand and good picnic facilities. Some of the beaches are Kendall’s Beach, East’s Beach, Surf Beach (for the surfers) and Bombo Beach all are very nice.

9. Lookout and Historic stone fence

Chilby Photography, Kiama Lookout and Historic stone fence, retrieved from:

Chilby Photography, Kiama Lookout and Historic stone fence, retrieved from:

On our sightseeing drive around Kiama, we discovered a great lookout and another great opportunity to take photos of the lookout and the stone fences. The views are nice with roughly 400 heritage stone walls.

Address: Glenbrook Drive, Kiama

8. Kiama Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Farmers Market

The Farmers’ Market is open every Wednesday and is located at Black Beach, on the foreshore of Robertson Basin.
It is exciting to come and shop here because of  the picturesque backdrop you get whilst doing your weekly shopping.

There is a nice community vibe at the market where friends and family meet up to do their weekly grocery.  It’s a market with a different experience where the kids can play on the beach or in the rock pools or just sit on the grass, relax and enjoy an afternoon picnic with a marvellous view.

The market starts by the “ringing” of the bell. In Summer (October to April) the market runs from 3-6pm and in Winter from 2-5pm (May to September). No market buying or selling takes place until the bell has been rung.

They sell a  variety of seasonal produce and fruit and veg sourced directly from the farm. You can expect to find seafood meat, eggs, fresh milk,  flowers, ready-made meal and so much more!

For more information visit the Farmer Markets website.

Address: Kiama Farmers Market, Black Beach

7. Bombo Headland

Bombo Headland

Bombo Headland

Bombo Headland is a 10 minute drive from Kiama. This is another wonderful attraction that gives beautiful landscape and ocean views. From the car park, you can walk down to the beach, there are nice picnic spots and some good walks. The headlands landscape-like formations is a photographer’s dream. You will see the Cathedral Rocks, Minnamurra Headland and stunning views of Kiama. Bombo Headland is good for surfing and is dog friendly.

Address: Princes Hwy, Bombo NSW 2533

6. Saddleback Mountain Lookout

Saddleback Mountain Lookout Kiama

Saddleback Mountain Lookout Kiama

I didn’t know about this lookout point and having read a few reviews all with great feedback I will need to visit this place next time. Saddleback Mountain Lookout is located just 10 minutes from Kiama’s Blowhole. From the lookout you can enjoy breathtaking views of the NSW South Coastline.

Address: Saddleback Mountain Rd, Kiama NSW 2533

5. Cathedral Rocks

Cathedral Rocks

Cathedral Rocks

Cathedral Rocks is one of Australia’s best seascape photography locations and a popular spot to take sunrise and sunset photos. Cathedral Rocks is a rock formation that is supposed to resemble a Cathedral.  You can climb down to the Cathedral and get some really beautiful photographs.

The best time to go is at low tide as there is a cave down there you can access.

Address: Kiama Downs at the southern end of Jones Beach, view from Cliff Drive.

4. Kiama Harbour

Kiama Harbour

Kiama Harbour

This is also known as Robertson Basin, located in Kiama Township. It is home to picturesque rock pools on either side, along with many boats, nearby cafes and shops. The rock pool located at the northern end of the Harbour, which was completed in 1876 after 17 years of construction.

Address: Blowhole Point Road, Kiama NSW 2533

3. Kiama Coast Walk

Kiama Coastal Walk

Kiama Coastal Walk

The Kiama Coast Walk is 22km of stunning scenery with beautiful clifftops overlooking the ocean giving a very scenic view. It’s breathtaking!
The walk will take you along the beautiful coastline from Minnamurra to Gerringong. Don’t worry if you can’t do the full track, you don’t have to do all of it. You can decide how much you want to cover.

Beginning at Minnamurra, this spectacular 22km walk will take you past headlands, rivers and beaches to Kiama Blowhole. You can then proceed on to the beautiful bays and beaches around Little Blowhole and the rolling escarpments of Gerringong.

The Kiama Coast Walk is broken into three sections which works out well especially if you’re doing the walk with kids you can choose from one of the 3 walks below.

1. Minnamurra River to Kiama Blowhole

Grade: Medium
Distance: 8.4km
Time: 3 hours

What is there to see: You can see distant views of Kiama Downs, Jones Beach, Cathedral Rocks, Bombo Beach Reserve and Robertson Basin. Continue your walk till you reach Kiama Blowhole Point. There are markers to guide you to Jones Beach, Cathedral and beyond.

Additional info: This is the longest walk of all the three tracks. During the walks you can take a slight detour and visit the Iluka Nature Reserve, Kiama Beach, Boneyard, Bombo Quarry and Spring Creek Wetlands on your journey. These again are well marked and well worth seeing. As well as walking, you’ll be able to swim or snorkel at various spots along the way and enjoy some splendid birdwatching.  Bombo Beach is a popular beach with surfers all year round and gives you your first glimpse of Kiama Township.  The lighthouse and blowhole await, with impressive views in all directions

2. Blowhole Point to Lovers Bay

Distance: 5km
Time: 1.5 hours
Grade: Medium/Hard
What is there to see: walk through waterfront reserves – Storm Bay, Surf Beach (Kiama’s most popular beach), Kendall’s Beach, Easts Beach and Loves Bay – connected by Norfolk-pine dotted headlands. This section has some lovely breathtaking grassy walks that will take  you to the Little Blowhole (The Little Blowhole is a little bit hard to find, but well worth the effort, situated just off Tingira Crescent three kilometres south of the Kiama Township). The spray reaches remarkable heights and you can watch the spectacular blows from a viewing platform on the foreshore. From here, you can walk around the headland south to Easts Beach (the southernmost beach in Kiama)
Additional info: Your journey now continues on grass until sheltered Easts Beach comes into view, with steps at either end.

Kiama little blowhole

Kiama little blowhole

3. Lovers Bay to Gerringong

Distrance: 6km
Time: 2hours
Grade: Medium/Hard
What is there to see: This walk is very different to the last two. This section is the newest part of the walk that was opened in 2009. The coastal walk will take you south from Kiama Heights to Werri Beach.
Along Werri Beach you need to walk another 2.5 km to reach Gerringong. There is a whale watching platform in Gerringong (near the cemetery on Belinda Street), this is a popular spot during whale season, between May and November.
The 6km stretch has spectacular scenery with clifftops, rainforest and endless ocean views. There are markers to guide you along the way with detailed  history and explanations of the area.
Additional info: If you are still up to it, continue along Fern Street, on to Gerroa and Seven Mile beach which is another 45 minutes walk from Gerringong, past the dairy pastures and golf course.

Address: 46 Farmer St, Kiama NSW 2533

2. Kiama Lighthouse

Kiama Lighthouse

Kiama Lighthouse

Kiama lighthouse is located above the blowhole. It is easy to get to and plenty of parking. They fill up pretty quickly though during weekends or holidays.

The lighthouse is the perfect viewing spot for the main Kiama Blowhole.

It’s always a good idea to check the high tide information before coming as we turned up without checking and were disappointed there were no activity as the waves hadn’t come in yet. You can be really lucky on some days if the amount of water depending on the swell is big then expect for some cool blows of spray. It can be really entertaining to watch and you can hear people with oohs and ahhs.

The Kiama Lighthouse was built a decade after the Kiama Harbour (Robertson Basin) in 1887.

ANZAC Logo Unveiled on Kiama Lighthouse

The Anzac logo was unveiled on the historic lighthouse in Kiama in 2015. This was an historic event. It’s a symbol of respect and remembrance and because Kiama get lots of international visitors here it will be an enduring symbol of the centenary for people.

Address: Blowhole Point Rd, Kiama NSW 2533

1. Kiama Blowhole

Kiama's Famous Blowhole

Kiama’s Famous Blowhole

Kiama Blowhole is the biggest and most popular attraction and it is a MUST SEE attraction. It is in fact the largest natural blowhole in the world and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year who come to witness the spectacular plumes of water during high tide.

The Blowhole is a natural rock formation where water shoots out 20 metres or more into the air.

There is a viewing platform that gives good views of the blowhole.

The blowhole is positioned at the bottom end below the lighthouse. There is lots of grass area for picnics and there is even a rock pool close by with spectacular 180-degree views across to Bombo Beach and north of Illawarra.

Not only is the blowhole one of the best attractions but the blowhole point lookout offers spectacular views along the coast. It’s also a great place to do some whale watching during the annual whale migration season. Hundreds of these marvellous ocean creatures travel along the NSW coastline heading for warmer waters. The blowhole point is also a popular stop on the Kiama Coast Walk.

The area is floodlit until 1am, which makes this place stunning at night as well.

Address: End of Blowhole Point road, below the Kiama Lighthouse.

Has anybody been to Kiama and can recommend some other points of interest?