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Bald Hill lookout, Stanwell Tops is a beautiful scenic lookout point and one of Illawarra’s most popular lookout points. This is such a beautiful location of Australia situated on the coastal edge of Stanwell Park with stunning and picturesque views of the coastline overlooking Stanwell Park  between Sydney and Wollongong. You can also see awesome views of Sea Cliff Bridge and the ocean so wide you can see the curvature of the Earth.
Not only is this a popular lookout point but its also one of the world best hand gliding sites. For more information visit the Sydney Hand gliding centre.

Views of the great Sea Cliff Bridge from Bald Hill Lookout point

Views of the great Sea Cliff Bridge from Bald Hill Lookout point

This is an absolute must stop over if you are doing the Grand Pacific Drive from Sydney to Wollongong and beyond.

It’s just a great way to relax and take a short break. Enjoy a coffee with a magnificent view of the cliffs and Sea Cliff Bridge. Watch the paragliders as they hang glide down over the coastline.

As you head back onto Lawrence Hargrave Drive you will drive across the scenic sea cliff bridge that winds through the cliffs along the grand pacific drive.

For more information you can read my post about the Sea Cliff Bridge here – Sea Cliff Bridge

This place is just beautiful I think it’s one of the best lookout points I’ve ever been to.

One of the Best Whale Watching spot in NSW

That’s correct, Stanwell Park is one of the best whale watching spots in NSW. The Bald Hill lookout point offers amazing south coastal views of the Royal National Park as well as the Sea Cliff Bridge. The whale migration begins from May to November every year with peaks in July and September.

View from Bald Hill Lookout Point, NSW

View from Bald Hill Lookout Point, NSW

Have you been to Bald Hill Lookout? What are your views about this place?

How to get here

Address: Bald Hill Headland Reserve, Stanwell Park, NSW